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I consider myself a strong person — independent, I study, work, cook, shop. All rounder!

I have a weakness though. I’m a hopeless fan of a gorgeous Red lipstick.

Crimson, Vermillion, Scarlet, Ruby, Sangria, Garnet, Cherry. All reds. I adorereds.

So it is little wonder that when I came across this beauty — NARS Velvet MatteLip Pencil in Red Square, I nearly lost my mind with awe.

The shade is gorgeous, a brilliantly pigmented vermilion — a bright red leaning into orange; suitable for everyone from fair to medium skin tones. The formula is weightless, oh so light — but the color is intense in just one swipe.

In short, the shade is love. Makeup lovers — specially red lippie fanatics, need to add it to their stash!


3 Eyebrow Trends You Should Try Right Now

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A few people say the eyes are the windows to the spirit. Be we think the eyebrows are. Eyebrows enormously affect your look, and by changing only the shape or color, you can totally change. Obviously, most days we do the standard filling in and care, however in all fairness, that can get old. So in an effort to shake up our look and kick this everyday grooming up a notch, we set up together three brow looks that’ll take you from plain ol’ polish to immediate head-turning.

The Contrasting Brow

Some of the time the greatest changes originate from the littlest of changes. This change can be as straightforward as simply developing the shade of your brows. First, tidy up your set. Utilize a slanted pencil, to shape and fill them in. Begin at the most extensive part of your brow and make short, strokes along your natural brow line. And Draw in the direction your hair actually grows, filling in any meager areas.

Next, pack on the shading. Pick a tinted gel that is a shade darker than your hair and sweeps it through your eyebrows, beginning at the inner corners and working outward. Brush on maybe a couple coats, creating a pigment as you go and, voilà. You have strong, contrasting eyebrows.

Feathered Brows

Feathered brows are the “no cosmetics” look for your eyes. They’re full, normal looking, and cunningly tousled on purpose. To get the fullest brows, you have to keep your hands off them for six to eight weeks, so they can completely grow in. Then, after you’ve been extremely patient, snatch those tweezers and tidy up any stray hairs. Use a thin-tipped pencil to fill in sparse spots as required. The more slender the pencil you use, the more hair-like and exact your strokes will show up. Use a dry spool to brush your brows upward, then include volume and color with a tinted gel. Brush on a couple of coats, and you’ll have brows worthy of a runway.

Glittery Arches

These glittery eyebrows are ideal for those who likes to sparkle, truly. It calls for some radiance, as well as a well-defined, shapely brow. For that look, paint along your brow line with a cream-gel. Then use a brush to apply the coloring, tapering the edges into angled points. Now, place a drop of hand cream onto the back of your hand. Search for a product with a thick consistency to best hold the glitter set up. Touch a little eyeshadow brush into the creams to start with, then dunk into a pot of glitter.


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When haziness falls faster toward the end of Daylight Savings, usually evening plans get knock up, as well.

In case you’re heading straight from work to party time or night out on the town, here’s the way to get a more sultry, dramatic look rapidly — right in your office washroom.

Firstly: Around this season of the year, the regular drop in temperature can dry skin, which prompts to dullness, as well as increase oiliness as the skin overcompensates to stay saturated. Not a decent look come 5 o’clock! You’ll require an extra layer of lotion every morning to keep skin ideally hydrated and brilliant throughout the day.

Stock these essentials in your bags or office desk drawer to make your day-night makeup transition quick:

  • Oil blotting sheets
  • Balm
  • Dark eyeliner and Mascara
  • Matte bronzer
  • A contour brush
  • Coconut oil
  • And Dark lipstick

Quittin’ time? You’re only five steps far from a beautiful nighttime look.

1. Sparkle control

As far as the complexion goes, oil blotting sheets are everything! Truly, they freshen up your face that way.

Luckily, oil blotting sheets nowadays don’t likewise lift away your makeup. If you think that you have some redness that was revealed by the day’s oils, delicately (keyword: delicately) reapply concealer or foundation just on areas that need a touch of disguising.

2. Light up with balm

Get shining by gently patting on some balm. Warm the balm in the middle of the palms of your hands. Press, and don’t rub the product onto your forehead, cheeks or wherever your skin needs rejuvenating. Furthermore, yes, you can use it over foundation.

3. Touch up your eyes

Add up on your daytime eyeliner just by thickening the line on the top lash line. Just concentrate on the outer parts of your eyelids by expanding your liner past the outer corner of your eye and guiding it to your eyebrow tips to give your peepers some instant lift. Add a fresh layer of mascara to your top lashes, gently apply mascara to your lower lashes using the tip of the wand.

4. Quick contour

A little definition is best for the night since it can make you look more polished. By using a contour brush, apply bronzer diagonally under your cheekbones, at the sides of the bridge of the nose and under the chin and the jawline.

5. Go for Bold (lips)

Going maybe a couple shades darker for the lips during the night can include significant drama. In case you’re already wearing lipstick, smooth a touch of coconut oil onto your kisser and wipe the shading with a tissue.