3 Eyebrow Trends You Should Try Right Now

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A few people say the eyes are the windows to the spirit. Be we think the eyebrows are. Eyebrows enormously affect your look, and by changing only the shape or color, you can totally change. Obviously, most days we do the standard filling in and care, however in all fairness, that can get old. So in an effort to shake up our look and kick this everyday grooming up a notch, we set up together three brow looks that’ll take you from plain ol’ polish to immediate head-turning.

The Contrasting Brow

Some of the time the greatest changes originate from the littlest of changes. This change can be as straightforward as simply developing the shade of your brows. First, tidy up your set. Utilize a slanted pencil, to shape and fill them in. Begin at the most extensive part of your brow and make short, strokes along your natural brow line. And Draw in the direction your hair actually grows, filling in any meager areas.

Next, pack on the shading. Pick a tinted gel that is a shade darker than your hair and sweeps it through your eyebrows, beginning at the inner corners and working outward. Brush on maybe a couple coats, creating a pigment as you go and, voilà. You have strong, contrasting eyebrows.

Feathered Brows

Feathered brows are the “no cosmetics” look for your eyes. They’re full, normal looking, and cunningly tousled on purpose. To get the fullest brows, you have to keep your hands off them for six to eight weeks, so they can completely grow in. Then, after you’ve been extremely patient, snatch those tweezers and tidy up any stray hairs. Use a thin-tipped pencil to fill in sparse spots as required. The more slender the pencil you use, the more hair-like and exact your strokes will show up. Use a dry spool to brush your brows upward, then include volume and color with a tinted gel. Brush on a couple of coats, and you’ll have brows worthy of a runway.

Glittery Arches

These glittery eyebrows are ideal for those who likes to sparkle, truly. It calls for some radiance, as well as a well-defined, shapely brow. For that look, paint along your brow line with a cream-gel. Then use a brush to apply the coloring, tapering the edges into angled points. Now, place a drop of hand cream onto the back of your hand. Search for a product with a thick consistency to best hold the glitter set up. Touch a little eyeshadow brush into the creams to start with, then dunk into a pot of glitter.


Best MUA Cosmetic Products You Should Buy

This Blog is Originally Posted on Just4Girls.pk

It doesn’t matter how much makeup you wear on a daily basis, what matters is the search for best beauty products which works best for you and also makes you look beautiful and gorgeous. And taking both these reasons into consideration, MUA Makeup Academy offers you the beauty products that are best suitable for your skin. Be it an Eyeliners, Foundations, Complexion kits, Nail polishes, or lipsticks, MUA provides women beauty products of all categories.

Although all of the products by MUA are very popular and unique, I will only mention two from each category to make it simple and concise for everyone. So without wasting time, let’s dig into the details of these products

Face Products

MUA is offering a variety of face products, from brushing tools to highlighters, foundations, and creams. But there are two particular products that I need to mention here;

  • MUA Luxe Shimmer Stick — Bronzed Shimmer

MUA Luxe’s Bronze Shimmer can be used with or with applying foundation. This bronzed shimmer adds a glow to your complexion and gives your skin a glamorous gleam of bronze. Its creamy formulation is easily blendable.

  • MUA Matte Palette — Hall Of Fame

This particular product offers you the most popular MUA’s shades in one kit. You can apply different skin complexion shades that match your skin and make it look glow. You don’t really need to buy them individually anymore, just buy MUA’s Matte Hall Of Fame Palette.

Lips Products

A women wearing makeup and no lipstick is a near disaster, lipsticks are like icing on the cake. People usually notice your lips if you are wearing makeup. And MUA has huge collections of colorful and matte lipsticks and lacquers.

  • MUA Luxe Metallic Liquid Lipstick — Flare

MUA’s Metallic Liquid lipstick has an opaque and metallic gloss formula that offers lips full coverage with super pigmentation.

  • MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer — Zest

This velvet Lip Lacquer gives your lips the ultimate velvet-matte pout that you always wanted. With its richly pigmented and silky smooth formula, this quick-dry lacquer glides on lips effortlessly and leaves a gorgeous matte finish that’s long-lasting.

Eye products

Eye makeup products are used around your eye to emphasize the beauty and enhance the appearance of your eye. MUA offers great eye makeup products to make your eyes look stunning.

  • MUA Ultimate Undressed Eyeshadow Palette

This MUA’s ultimate Eyeshadow palette gives your 28 unique shades to make your eyes look glossy and beautiful. It contains shimmer pinks, soft neutrals and smoldering metallic shades that look great on your eyes. It comes with a perfect mixture of matte and shimmer, a dual ended brush, perfect for precision application and blending.

  • MUA Intense Eyeliner Pencil — Berry Wine

An Intense Eyeliner Pencil which gives your eyes an intense color finish. This MUA’s intense Eyeliner produces a precise and well-defined line for accentuating your eyes.

Nail Products

Apart from the face and hairs, nails are one part women always focus on beautifying and MUA here as well gives you the best nail polishes to make your hands look beautiful.

  • MUA Peel Off Polish Base Coat

A perfect nail polish with a peelable coat, MUA’s Peel Off Polish Base Coat allows you the freedom of creativity without you having to worry about removing it later. Just apply it over your nails, and when you want to remove it, just peel it off. You can add MUA’s glitter effect polish as well to complement the colors.